One of the challenges of building blockchain solutions is testing it. Chronicle Accelerate has a framework to make adding custom transactions with the state using data-driven tests. i.e. without the need to write code.

Example: Appreciation

The following application allows participants to show appreciation for each other by giving "likes". They have a fixed number of likes to give each other each week on a use or lose it basis. Users with the most likes might get a reward on a monthly basis, which halves their likes.

The data-driven tests are available here Appreciation Give tests

setup.yaml sets up the test, giving it an initial state
openingBalance: {
  publicKey: !!binary RWUHCYzTzADL+4kJ9r90rWHBo6J/Wng5FmlXFjv8bd8=, (1)
  amount: 100.0
openingBalance: {
  publicKey: !!binary Sq1s3liIh6LkceZYP+qh6MlMRRqCNJ5Dvl9oyAiZHe8=, (2)
  amount: 10.0
1 Public key of account 1
2 Public key of account 2
in.yaml defines the messages whose outputs are tested
startBatch: {
  batchKey: !!binary RWUHCYzTzADL+4kJ9r90rWHBo6J/Wng5FmlXFjv8bd8=, (1)
  batchTimeUS: "1970-01-01T00:00:00"
give: { (2)
  publicKey: !!binary Sq1s3liIh6LkceZYP+qh6MlMRRqCNJ5Dvl9oyAiZHe8=, (3)
  amount: 20.0 (4)
endBatch: ""
1 Account 1
2 gives
3 Account 2
4 20.0 likes

produces an output of

output.yaml describes the extends outputs
to: !!binary RWUHCYzTzADL+4kJ9r90rWHBo6J/Wng5FmlXFjv8bd8= (1)
onBalance: { (2)
  publicKey: !!binary RWUHCYzTzADL+4kJ9r90rWHBo6J/Wng5FmlXFjv8bd8=,
  amount: 80.0 (3)
to: !!binary Sq1s3liIh6LkceZYP+qh6MlMRRqCNJ5Dvl9oyAiZHe8= (4)
onBalance: { (5)
  publicKey: !!binary Sq1s3liIh6LkceZYP+qh6MlMRRqCNJ5Dvl9oyAiZHe8=,
  amount: 30.0 (6)
1 Account 1
2 is notified that it’s balances is now
3 80.0 likes
4 Account 2
5 is notified that it’s balance is now
6 30.0 likes

The two key classes are the gateway class

and the post blockchain class is is a domain I use for examples and games I write.

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