Chronicle downloads exceed 6 million in a month

In the last three months we have seen a significant increase in downloads of our libraries. Wider adoption of our libraries into popular frameworks appears to be driving this growth in downloads.

chronicle downloads 2018 05

A total of 6.3 million downloads across 450 thousand unique IPs is a huge increase for us. If you are not familar with all our open source products, these are our most popular:

  1. Java Thread Affinity

  2. Zero Allocation Hashing

  3. Chronicle Core (Low level JVM access)

  4. Java Runtime Compiler

  5. Chronicle Bytes (Thread safe native memory access for text and binary)

  6. Chronicle Wire (Low GC serialization of text/binary to native memory)

  7. Chronicle Threads

  8. Chronicle Queue (Low latency journalled IPC)

  9. Chronicle Map (Low latency peristed key-value store)

If you have trouble getting started, ask us on

Chronicle also provides consulting, custom execution engines, and commercial support and well as enterprise extensions to many of these libraries. You can check out our new web site Email for more details.

Peter Lawrey

Peter Lawrey

Most answers for Java and JVM on (~13K), "Vanilla Java" blog with four million views, founder of the Performance JUG, Java Champion

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Chronicle downloads exceed 6 million in a month
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