Low latency Java Developers

We are looking for Contract or Permenant employees to develop solutions for clients, development of products, and support for those products.

It’s essential that you are :

  • extremely strong in core java ( at-least 5 years experience ), and willing to read the existing code to understand the problem domain.

  • able to work with minimal assistance.

  • customer focused, good communicator and have a passion for working with clients.

  • able to work on client site ( on average likely to be less than 50% of the time )

  • be able to work from home, with a good internet connection.

  • based in London

  • knowledge/experience of investment banking

  • good English

  • Linux

An advantage ( but not essential )

  • C++

  • eFX

  • good at documentation

  • methodical

  • personable

  • previous experience of :

    • chronicle

    • teamCity

    • intellij idea

About us

Most people know of Chronicle by our first open source project called Chronicle Queue, We have since developed a number of other open-source projects such as Chronicle-Map, Chronicle-Engine and our latest commercial offering Chronicle-Fix. All these projects have a few things in common, they all focus on getting C like performance from java, they all use off-heap storage to provide very fast interprocess communication between processes on the same computer.

Most of our clients are investment banks in London and New York.

If you are interested

Send me your CV, salary expectations and availability to peter.lawrey@chronicle.software

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