IT experts you should follow on twitter

When I read lists like this they always seem to be male dominated, so here is a list of experts I follow which isn’t.

Dr Sue Black OBE

UK Govt Advisor @gdsteam | Tech Evangelist | Hon Prof Comp Sci @UCL | Author @SavingBletchley | Founder @techmumsHQ @BCSWomen | Agents: @NoelGay19 @TobyMundy 39K followers

#CMTV speaks to Dr Sue Black; Award-Winning Computer Scientist Part One Part Two

Saving Bletchley Park "The story of the saving of the home of modern computing by Sue Black"

Tech Mums "Empowering mums, their families and communities through technology"

Sara Rey Chipps

Just a girl, standing in front of a microprocessor, asking it to love her. I made @girldevelopit. I’m making @jewelbots. Pull requests welcomed. 30 K followers

Kelly Sommers

4x Windows Azure MVP & Former 2x DataStax MVP for Apache Cassandra, Backend brat, big data, distributed diva. Relentless learner. I void warranties. 25.7K followers

Julie Lerman

Vermont Geekette, DDD, .NET (& EF) Mentor, Author, MS MVP, MS Regional Director, VTdotNET, Pluralsight, MSDN Mag. Talk to me about mentoring your dev team! 22.5K

The Data Farm "Julie Lerman’s World of Data"

Julie Lerman’s Channel 9 "Julie Lerman is a Microsoft MVP, mentor and consultant who lives in the hills of Vermont. You can find Julie presenting on Entity Framework , Domain-Driven Design and other topics at user groups and conferences around the world"


I contribute to open source software for fun and as my job. 'Weird sun beam of awesome.' 21.7k followers


my father’s strongest most handsome daughter. i came to win, 19K followers

No one expects the lady code troll "@jennschiffer’s hilarious talk on how and why she satirizes the tech industry." - @xoxo

Iris Classon

The world’s happiest .NET developer & Microsoft C# MVP! More energy than a 5 year old, talks more than your grandmother, and does anything to make you smile! 18.7K followers

Jessica Kerr

Functional developer, speaker, mother, crazy nut. Stripe. Learning and growing. All tweets are mine, licensed CC0. she/her. 16.6K followers

Jen Myers

Technologist & writer. Curriculum director at @pluralsight. Advisor at @girldevelopit. Founder of @codecupcakeschi. Likes adventure, changing the world, otters. 15.7K followers

Lucy Leiderman

Funnier than you’d expect. Full-stack growth marketer. Building @helloretreaver. Scrum master. I have 5 minutes, come say hi. 13.2K followers


We empower techies and provide courses and workshops to: educate, empower, and encourage professionals in the high-tech industry. 10K followers

Caitie McCaffrey

Backend Brat & Distributed Systems Diva @twitter Formerly #343i building @Halo Services with @projectorleans. Valkyrie AF. 9.7K followers

Trisha Gee

Coder/blogger/speaker, working for JetBrains. Human. More or less. 7.7K followers

Jen Golbeck

Prof at Univ. of MD., Computer Scientist. Tweets about social media, research, zombies. My new book is Social Media Investigation -how to track people online! 5.9K followers

Yara M H Senger

Yara is President of SouJava and co-founder and director of GlobalCode, the largest Java training company in Latin America, currently based in 13 different cities. 5.7K followers

Lynn Langit

Cloud architect who also codes, prefers AWS & GCP. 5.3K followers

Maxime Chevalier

PhD in compiler design, dynamic languages and optimization. Interested in programming languages, graphics, electronics, music and DIY. All opinions are my own. 4.7K followers

Maxime Chevalier’s Blog "Pointers Gone Wild A blog about compilers, programming and technology."


Data Scientist, Java Champion and impossible projects expert. Founder of and partner at 4.1K followers

Susan Potter

Post-postmodern infrastructure engineer (Scala, Haskell, Nix) obsessed with finance, Charlotte Brontë, bad pop, and abstract algebra. 4.0K followers

script kitty

I write the softest software you’ve ever touched @uber engineering. I wanna be an indie game dev when I grow up. oh, and kelly is my middle name 4.0K followers

Stacey Mason

Researcher/creator of games & playable stories. Twitch critic. Contributor: @cerebralarcade, @ScholarsPlay, @igdafoundation Prev: @zynga, @eastgate 3.8K followers


Helping #community learn and share skills to write better software by producing talks, conferences, magazine, workshops, skillscasts on #agile #opensource 3.7 K followers

What is Skills Matter Wendy Devolder is the CEO of Skills Matter.

Mathilde Lemee

CoFounder @SoFizzApp - L’appli pour partager tes activités à proximité avec de nouvelles personnes ! CoFounder @duchessfr - Réseau de femmes devs 2.8K followers

Duchess France - Women in Tech "Mathilde Rigabert Lemée [is a] co-founder and active member of Duchess France"

Andrea McAts

All tweets about Programming. For everything else @roundcrisis 2.7K followers

Tiffany Conroy

Interaction designer. Developer. Cutter of bullshit. Made @weareallawesome. Micro diary: @whattiffanydid. she/her. Has strong opinions, loosely held.

Karen Catlin

Advocate for women in tech. Leadership coach, TEDx speaker, co-author of Present! Board member @TheCLUBSV. Former VP @Adobe. Happy mom. 2.6K followers

Karen Catlin’s Home Page "Advocating for women in the tech industry"

Ludwine Probst

Data Engineer / Scientist 💻 open source contributor @@ousmotards 🏍 @L@diesCodeParis co-founder 🌍 Tech blogger #TechBeyondBorders 2.6K followers

Amy Chen

Ramblings of a 20 something software engineer. 2.0K followers


#Agile #Java #Scala #Developer at @Valtech_fr || one of @duchessfr leaders || running addict #WomenInTech #yesWeCode

1+K followers

Claude Falguière

Java, Performance, DevOps, Clojure, DataScience, funny ways to learn programming, Devoxx4Kids, ParisJUG, Devoxx, Duchess

Stéphanie Hertrich

Developer Evangelist Girl @Microsoft, Technical Angel for #startup ❤️, I’m a coder and a speaker for Tech event, Proud @duchessfr

Agnès Crepet

Java Champion & JS Newbie, @ninjasquad Co-Founder, @MINES_StEtienne CS Teacher & Agile Learning Facilitator, @mixIT_lyon Co-Founder, @duchessfr Leader

Heather VanCura

Community Builder, Connector, Java Connoisseur (for JCP tweets see @jcp_org); Women & Girls in Tech, Open Source, Fitness, Fashion, Fun.

Aysylu Greenberg

Programmer, Artist, Lifelong Learner, distributed infrastructure @google

Holly Cummins

IBMer, developer, author, hat-hacker and duvet-cover-maker. My views are my own.

Kasia Mrowca

Product magician, IT passionate, agile & lean enthusiast, PhD candidate, conference junkie. Love skiing and hiking :)

Katia Aresti

Freelance Developer, Open-source enthusiast, drama and dance passionate. @duchessfr Paris MUG

Monica Beckwith

(Java/JVM/GC) performance consultant. Mother of 2 awesome kids. Enjoys country living. Java community editor for InfoQ.

Anne Gabrillagues

Agile coach / CSM / CSPO at @ippontech - interested in everything about #agile #lean #designThinking #devops #ux …​ - member of @LeanKanbanFr team

Amelia Eiras

Ecuatoriana-Española-American, #badass #usualsuspect #iloveourITcommunity. Brutal honesty trumps hypocritical politeness. The backbone @Tomitribe

For now, I have limited the list to those with at least 1000 followers, but I will continue to update it.

Groups supporting women in tech

IEEE Women in Engineering

Peter Lawrey

Peter Lawrey

Most answers for Java and JVM on (~13K), "Vanilla Java" blog with four million views, founder of the Performance JUG, Java Champion

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IT experts you should follow on twitter
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